Virtual University Lectures (Videos and Handouts) and Radio

Virtual University Lectures

The Lectures are aired via the (VTV1,VTV2,VTV3 and VTV4) Virtual University's Television Network according to the lecture schedule available at the LMS. Apart from that they are also available on VU OCW (Virutal university open course ware), VU LMS (Virtual University Learning Management System) of each student, Youtube and VU Bookshop (an online platform) from where you can order DVDs and some other stuff too. For the convenience of the students, these lectures are also available at the VU campuses countrywide (for a list of campuses, please click here), students can approach these campuses and copy lectures to their media. As a sample, watch the following Lecture on Communication Skills.

The “Lecture Schedule” is part of the information that is available on the LMS, from where the students get to know about the lectures to view / study in the upcoming or progressing week.  On average each subject has 3 lectures per week and an assignment is uploaded on the LMS after each 8-10 lectures which has to be submitted solved within the allotted time. Apart from assignments there are quizzes too, but the difference between the two is that assignments are mainly subjective in nature while quizzes are objective in nature; and also that the assignments are to be solved offline whereas the quizzes are to be solved online (usually a time of 1 minute per MCQ is available). If an option is not clicked in the allotted time during a quiz, the next question appears automatically. Moreover, to address the shortfall of “student-teacher interaction”; there is a “Moderated Discussions Board” or “MDB” on the LMS. Using the “MDB”, students can interact with their instructors by posting questions relevant to the lectures in progress. The queries posted by the students on the “MDB” are usually answered within 24 hours. There are also Team Discussion Boards (TDB) and “Graded Discussions Board”. The TDB can be used to discuss assignment related issues and problems, while the Graded Discussion Boards put-up topics / questions; the contents of which are checked and marked.

Virtual University Radio

In addition to the video lectures available on Youtube, the university also has a Radio channel that can be accessed over the internet 24/7 from its website. The Radio Channel apart from playing lectures in audio, also broadcasts interesting programs the transmission schedule of which is pre-announced.
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