International University of Peace, Sufism and Modern Sciences, Bhitshah (Sindh)

International University of Peace and Sufism (IUPS) was inaugurated by Dr. Nazir A. Mughal the Vice Chancellor of University of Sindh at Bhitshah, Tando Adam back in September 2012. Classes of the university began from October 2012 at six temporarily acquired rooms of Government Boys High School in the same area.

University of Karachi

The University of Karachi is a public sector university chartered by the Government of Sindh. Primarily, it was established as a federally chartered university in 1951 but in 1962 it was shifted under the administrative umbrella of the provincial government of Sindh. During its first two years, it was only an examining body for its affiliated colleges, but thereafter it started its own services for teaching and research in the fields of Arts and Science. There are 8 faculties in the university which have 53 departments and 20 research centers. These faculties include the faculty of Arts, Science, Islamic Studies, Pharmacy, Management and Administrative Sciences, Law, Education and Medicine. The university campus holds 24000 students, 800 teachers and 2500 assisting staff.

Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad

Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) Islamabad is a federally chartered public sector university that was established in July 1967 under an Act of the National Assembly. The university offers various academic programs starting from undergraduation to Ph.D. The university initially started teaching and research programmes for PhD and MPhil degrees only, but later on Master’s, graduate, and undergraduate programmes were also added to the list of offered programs. The University has an international repute due to its highly qualified and renowned faculty and the academic programmes it offers attract foreign students too. Therefore a measured number of students from all regions of the country and the rest of the world are admitted each year in the university.

Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Islamabad

The Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (or PIEAS) ranked 2nd in the Overall University Rankings released by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad in 2012. It was also ranked as the No. 1 institute in the "engineering" category in Pakistan in the same year. The institute which was formerly known as the Center for Nuclear Studies (CNS) is a public sector co-educational research institute located near the remote town of Nilore in Islamabad. It was established by the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) under the advise of renowned Scientist Abdus Salam. Just to remind you Dr. Abdus Salam is the only Pakistani Scientist who earned a noble prize for his works in Physics in 1989. Initially PIEAS was established as a postgraduate institution in 1967 and was affiliated with the University of Islamabad (now known as Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad) that got its independent status and its current name in 1997.

Aga Khan University, Karachi

The Aga Khan university is a coeducational research university having 11 campuses in 8 countries (Afghanistan, Egypt, Kenya, Pakistan, Syria, Tanzania, United Kingdom and Uganda) spread over 3 continents. The university was chartered in 1983 by the Federal Government and it was the first private and autonomous university of Pakistan. It is a part of the Aga Khan development network founded by Aga Khan. Its main campus in Pakistan is located in Karachi.

The Aga Khan University Karachi is a state of the art teaching hospital which is one of the best hospitals in Pakistan.  The university promotes human welfare giving trainings and services in various fields like education, health sciences, liberal arts and sciences etc.

University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

The University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF) was primarily founded as Punjab Agricultural College and Research Institute at Lyallpur (Faisalabad) in 1906. It is now a private sector university which was the first major institution of higher agricultural education in the undivided Punjab (before Indo-Pak division).

At the time of independence (in 1947) Pakistan was predominantly an agricultural country and despite subsequent industrialization and development, agriculture yet remains the backbone of her economy. Just after independence the Government of Pakistan appointed National Commissions on Food and Education to review the agrarian system and  suggest measures for developing the agricultural potential of the country. These commissions suggested the establishment of an agricultural university for research and education in agriculture, in light of which the Punjab Agricultural College and Research Institute was upgraded to the level of university in 1961. The university on completing its 50 years of excellence in the field of agriculture and research has recently celebrated "golden jubilee ceremony".

University of the Punjab, Lahore

University of the Punjab (commonly known as Punjab University and thus abbreviated as PU too), is located in Lahore, Punjab. It is the oldest and biggest University of Pakistan which was established by the British Colonial Authorities in 1882. Overall it was the 4th university to be established by the British in the undivided India and the 1st in the western part (now Pakistan). The first three universities established by the British rulers were at their political strongholds of Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras.

National University of Sciences and Technology

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) is a public sector university chartered in 1993 that was formed by merging the already established military institutes and colleges. It is a multi-school co-educational university with headquarters in Islamabad (relocated from Rawalpindi in 2008). It has schools and affiliated institutes all over the country in the cities of Karachi, Rawalpindi and Risalpur (campuses are listed below) These affiliated institutions are in fact the training institutes for the manpower of the defense forces of Pakistan.

Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi

PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi was established in 1970 by the Government of Punjab as an agricultural college for the development and teaching of rain-fed agriculture, which was later upgraded as a university in 1994. The university was primarily only know as Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi which was later on renamed as Pir Mehar Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi (abbreviated as PMAS AAUR) in the memory of the late saint of Golra Sharif Islamabad (named Pir Mehar Ali Shah).

University of Health Sciences, Lahore

University of Health Sciences is a public university chartered by the (provincial) Government of Punjab, inaugurated by the President of Pakistan in October 2002. It is the only institution in the province of Punjab offering specializations in various fields of health sciences including dental, medical, nursing, paramedic education and biomedical engineering. About 35000 undergraduates and 4000 postgraduates study at the university each year. It is recognized by HEC, approved by PMDC and registered with PEC.

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad

COMSATS University initially started as COMSATS Institute of Information Technology at Islamabad in April 1998 which was later granted the status of Degree Awarding Institute in 2000 by the Federal Government. It was Chartered the status of a University by the Government of Pakistan on October 5, 2011. It is hence now a public sector university administered by the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South Asia abbreviated as COMSATS, which is an international inter-governmental organization and therefore derives its name from its administrative body.

Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is well known for its managements sciences programs specially the Master in Business Administration program. LUMS ranked 10th in the Overall University Rankings released by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad in 2012. It is a Private Sector university established by a group of industrialists and professionals of leading Pakistani private and public sector corporations. It is sponsored by The National Management Foundation (NMF) which was incorporated on November 7, 1984 with the support of ten leading public and private sector corporations of Pakistan. Thereafter the charter was granted by the Government of Pakistan to NMF on March 8, 1985 for establishing the university. In addition to this, the university was also authorized by the government to set up schools under its umbrella.

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