How blogs can be used for earning money online

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How can I get an approved AdSense account in Pakistan?

What is a blog?

Blog in simple language can be called a website with certain restricted access. Primarily the main feature of blogs is that they are hosted by the Blog providing companies and thus their URL includes a customized name of the respective blogging company. For example, you might have come across certain websites with addresses like; these are not websites but blogs hosted by Blogger (with customized URL including the word "blogspot"). Blogs can be created through various blogging services, the most eminent of which are Blogger and WordPress. A major advantage of creating blogs is that they can be created completely free of cost and they look just like other websites. Moreover, blogs are used by individuals as well as organizations these days to share their stuff, ideas and innovations online. And the most important part (with which we are concerned in this article) is that blogs can be used to earn money online.

earning online

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