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Ratio of the labour force employed by different sectors of the Pakistani economy;

In Pakistan where unemployment exists at an alarming rate (6%) coupled with high inflation (8%), people really are left with meagre choices to opt from for earning their lively-hood. A total of 55.7 million people of Pakistan constitute the labour force (those capable of and willing to get an employment) out of the total population of 180 million. The main sectors of the Pakistani economy providing job opportunities to these people constituting the labour force are the agricultural, industrial and the services sectors. The agricultural sector employs 44% of the total labour force, whereas the industrial and services sectors employ 20% and 36% of the employed labour force respectively. Do not confuse this with the contribution of different sectors in the GDP, which is a different thing. For example the contribution of these sectors in the GDP (of Pakistan) is 21%, 25% and 54% respectively. Therefore, the services sector is the largest contributor to the National Income or the GDP of Pakistan.

Due to low level of awareness even educated people do not know how people are employed;

I am highlighting here information about "Careers for Pakistanis" with reference to the services sector of the Pakistani Economy. The services sector includes the services in the Government and the Private sectors both. I must say that it is not going to be a page giving advertisements for new job openings in the services sector, rather it is an informative stuff. The need to put this informative stuff here arises due to the "low level of awareness in the Pakistani labour force" which needs to be increased. Despite the increasing literacy rate and the freedom of media, the level of awareness of the Pakistanis is too low about the purpose of their education and the career opportunities awaiting them after their education.

Public Service Commissions recruit people to different posts in Government Departments of Pakistan;

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As this blog is about universities, my aim is to highlight the career opportunities for the graduates of Pakistan (people at least having completed 14 years of education earning a B.A. or an equivalent Bachelor's Degree). It is pertinent to mention that there are "Public Service Commissions" at the federal and provincial levels who advertise, examine, scrutinize and recruit people to the different government departments. Thus all government departments (with some exceptions) do not recruit people to vacant posts themselves, rather it is the responsibility of these Public Service Commissions. Many of the graduates most of whom belong to the far flung areas are even not aware of this fact and thus do not know how their government (departments) hire (educated) people, therefore remain unemployed, and deprived of competing to show their capabilities for the employment under government. Usually the Public Service Commissions have the mandate to recruit people in the job positions from BPS (Basic Pay Scale) 16 to BPS-22, but they may also be authorized by the government to recruit people for jobs in BPS 1 to 15 (Basic Pay Scale is an hierarchical structure of the labour force for division of responsibility and therefore easy accomplishment of tasks).

Federal Public Service Commission, Islamabad examines and recruits Pakistani  citizens to different posts in various government departments relating to the federation (or federal government). Click here to read more about Federal Public Service Commission.

Websites of Public Service Commissions in Pakistan

International Civil Service Commission

It is a body constituted by the United Nations Organization (commonly abbreviated as UNO and sometimes also as UN). The International Civil Service Commission examines, scrutinizes and recruits the staff of the United Nations through a competitive examination. These employees can be from any state that is a member of the United Nations. Read details about the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) at its website here.

The United Nations Organization has several independent and subsidiary organizations for which recruitment is also made separately. These jobs are announced at the United Nations website which can be accessed here.

Websites advertising Job opportunities in the Private (Services) Sector

Following are the websites which upload job advertisements announced by the different employers doing their business in the Private Sector of Pakistan;

Moreover, to search jobs from multiple websites; you can use a job search engine like

Apart from these, you can also earn online in the todays world; click here to learn more.
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