International Islamic University Islamabad

International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) comprises of two campuses within Islamabad at present. Primarily its foundation was laid at the famous Faisal Mosque (Islamabad) on November 11th, 1980. The Faisal Mosque, is a memory of the late Saudi King Shah Faisal (martyred on 25th March 1975) because he gifted it to Pakistan during his reign. New campus of the International Islamic University is located in Sector H-10, Islamabad. Both campuses deal in academically different contexts or fields.

The primary academic programs of the Faisal Mosque Campus relate to Islamic teachings whereas the new campus deals with a vast variety of modern academic programs comprising of various faculties which are listed below.

Faculties at IIU Islamabad (H-10 Campus)

  • Basic and applied sciences,
  • Social sciences,
  • Engineering and technology,
  • Islamic studies,
  • Languages and Literature,
  • Shariah and Law including Arabic.

For more details about the specific degree programs offered by these faculties visit the university website. The specific distinguishing characteristic feature of International Islamic University is that it observes the Pardah (or the legal veil) for Women and thus has a separate building for women.

IIU Faisal Mosque Campus, Islamabad

Faisal Mosque Islamabad is said to be the world’s largest Mosque (its’ main hall has the capacity to accumulate approximately 6000 persons for prayer at a time) which is spread over 189,705 square meters. It was a gift from Saudi Arabia and its design was engineered by a Turkish Architect to look like a tent in an Arab Desert. It is both a Mosque and an excellent academic institution as it houses the old and 1st campus of the International Islamic University, Islamabad which now consists of Sharia Academy and Dawah Academy along with other institutes listed below. The University established here was aimed to produce such scholars who were capable of bridging the gap which Muslim Ummah faces in the economic, social, political, technological, and intellectual fields as compared to the rest of the world.

As such its vigilant founders were able to lay the foundations of such institutes which were inclined towards research and development in Islam. (R and D in Islam may sound awkward to some of the readers but for them it is to be said that how else can you find the solution of contemporary issues if you don’t find explicit commandments and directions in Quran and Sunnah, thus R and D is nothing but Ijtihad meaning to derive rules by finding explanations of the implicit verses and Hadees).

Academies and Institutes of IIU Faisal Mosque Campus 

All these landmark institutes are located within the Shah Faisal Mosque (Complex). They are playing the most vital role in the history of the country at the academic front.

More information about other academies will be available here soon..

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