International University of Peace, Sufism and Modern Sciences, Bhitshah (Sindh)

International University of Peace and Sufism (IUPS) was inaugurated by Dr. Nazir A. Mughal the Vice Chancellor of University of Sindh at Bhitshah, Tando Adam back in September 2012. Classes of the university began from October 2012 at six temporarily acquired rooms of Government Boys High School in the same area.

The Inaugural day of IUPS was a historical day for Pakistan as the first ever International symbol for peace and love was established at the academic level in a situation when the nation is facing extremism, sectarianism and terrorism all at the same time. In this scenario, the establishing of this university will surely help in the fight of eradicating these evils and help in presenting the true picture of Islam. The Sufis played a great role in spreading Islam. They were preachers of Islam who always spread their message with love and peace. They were symbols of love, tolerance, harmony and brotherhood. Dr. Nazeer Ahmed (VC Sindh University) has also contributed to highlighting the works of Sufis of the Indo-Pak Subcontinent (see details at this link). Therefore the naming of the university as the International University of Peace and Sufism gives special value to the services of the Sufis in promoting Islam through peace and love.

Dr. Nazeer A. Mughal (VC University of Sindh) said in the inauguration ceremony of the university that it was the first higher educational institution / University in Asia for the studies related to Peace and Sufism. It is pertinent to mention that the students of the first couple of sessions will be taught job oriented courses initially and the degrees programs will be started later on. It is no doubt that these programs will be beneficial for promoting the golden principle of brotherhood, fraternity and equality.

Dr. Mughal further said that the Deans of the different faculties of University of Sindh will jointly decide about the different courses, diplomas and degrees to be offered by the University in the long-run. But in the short-run the following three courses have been offered:

  • Religious Harmony and Tolerance : Role of Sufism
  • Computer Science
  • Functional English

Two degree programs had also been advertised by the University that included:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science or BS (CS).

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