Dawah Academy, IIU Faisal Mosque Campus, Islamabad

Dawah Academy was founded in 1985. As the name suggests its mission is to launch educational, training and research programs for Dawah (meaning inviting people through the word of mouth to accept the supremacy of Allah the Almighty and thus follow the right path of submission to none other but Him). Dawah is an obligation upon all Muslims as said in the Holy Quran:

كنتم خير امت اخرجت لناس تامرون بالمعروف وتنهون عن المنكر
(Sura Al-Imran 3:110)
“You are the best Ummah; you have been appointed for the (better of the) people, you command for the good and forbid from the bad”

In the light of this Quranic verse, it is both an individual as well as the collective responsibility of the Muslims for i) living their lives in accordance with the teachings of Quran and Sunnah and ii) inviting others to do so. A saying of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is:

“Those of you who know even a verse should apprise others of it”

And thus whoever knows that the creator, owner and manager of every existence that we see or cannot see is Allah; and that we being creatures are answerable for our behavior before Allah should be eager to guide the wrongdoers with sympathy. As it is evident that nothing even in our world evolves of its own, there is the hard work of somebody behind who invents it; thus in the same way we the humans, our earth and all its resources are Allah’s creature.

To spread the knowledge to others, Dawah also necessitates Muslims to learn other religions and ideologies so that they are in a better position to communicate efficiently. Thus the study of mass-communication, history, languages, sociology and psychology also form an eminent part for the dissemination of the responsibility (Dawah).

The Operating Procedure of Dawah Academy:

Therefore the very aim of Dawah Academy is to invite people to accept the supremacy of Allah the Almighty, and enable them to communicate their learning further for which several courses have been designed including the Quran-Majeed Course, Hadees Course, Guldasta Course and Mutalia Islam Course. These courses are available at very cheap rate (Rs. 400) for the full-year syllabus including Postage. Every year fresh admissions are announced and students admitted.

News Alert: Admissions in these courses are open for the month of October, 2013; the desirous candidates may get admission forms from Faisal Mosque or by post through contacting Dawah Academy, Faisal Mosque, Islamabad.

Apart from this the Academy also publishes literature on the subject which serves the purpose quite effectively. The publications of the Academy include monographs, reports, surveys, journals, booklets, books and other audio-visual materials. Symposiums, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences are also organized by the academy in this regard. To know more about Dawah Academy, please click here.
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