Shariah Academy, IIU Faisal Mosque Campus, Islamabad

Shariah Academy (Islamabad) was established in 1981 as an independent Institute of Training in Shariah and Legal Profession. Its purpose was (and is) promoting the Islamic Legal Philosophy, orientation in Islamic Law and the Islamic Concept of Justice through the training of Judges, Attorneys, Prosecutors, Lawyers and other Legal Professionals who are the key players in the Judicial System of the countryLater in 1985, the Institute was upgraded to the status of an academy thus now known as Shariah Academy and attached to the International Islamic University as its constituent unit. The trainings of the academy aim at equipping its course participants with the vision and capability to Islamize the contemporary laws in the country. To meet its objectives, the academy operates with three sections; Training Section, Research and Publication Section and Correspondence Courses in Islamic Law Section.

The academy through its activities is trying to meet the needs of the day regarding interpretation, presentation and re-organization of various disciplines of Shariah and developing an understanding of Islamic Law and Jurisprudence.

Since its inception, sincere efforts have led the academy to bring about drastic changes in the thought content of the Pakistani Muslims who were once unable to define the procedure for the Inception of Shariah in the country. Now concepts are being cleared of doubts and an understanding about the way forward to install Shariah in the country is being gradually developed.

For those who are eager to learn about the Legal System of Islam, they need not necessarily be judges or lawyers; a simple graduate of B.A. Level is eligible for admission to the “Islamic Law Correspondence Course”. This correspondence course is especially feasible for those who cannot attend the various training programs at the designated venues. Moreover, it is economical like other correspondence courses of the university and costs only Rs.1800 / year which includes the cost of books and postage charges. An outline of the course is reproduced below for the convenience of the potential students:

News Alert:- Admissions are now open for the 11th Advanced Correspondence Course in Islamic (Law and) Jurisprudence from Sharia Academy. The application form can be fetched from the academy physically or by post addressed at Sharia Academy, International Islamic University, Faisal Mosque Campus, Islamabad. You can also download the application form for this Advanced Correspondence course in Islamic Jurisprudence.
  1. Usul-e-Fiqa: An Introduction (Part-I)
  2. Usul-e-Fiqa: An Introduction (Part-II)
  3. Quran
  4. Sunnah
  5. The legality of Sunnah
  6. Ijmaa
  7. Qiyas
  8. Earlier Scriptures, sayings of the companions, Istaslah
  9. Istehsan, Istashab, Istadlal
  10. Urf and Sad-e-Zariah
  11. Hukm-e-Sharai-1 (Hukm-e-Takleefi)
  12. Hukm-e-Sharai-2 (Hukm-e-Wazaee)
  13. Khaas
  14. Aam, Mushtarik, Haqiqat-o-Majaz, Sarih-o-kinaya
  15. Dalalaat
  16. Islamic ideology of Ijtihad
  17. Methodologies of Ijtihad
  18. Codification of Islamic Law
  19. Islamization of Laws in Pakistan
  20. Fiqa-Hanfi o Fiqa-Maliki
  21. Fiqa-Shafi o Fiqa-Hanbli
  22. Fiqa-Jafri o Fiqa-Zahiri
  23. Qawaid-e-kulya (Part-1)
  24. Qawaid-e-kulya (Part-2)
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