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Ratio of the labour force employed by different sectors of the Pakistani economy;

In Pakistan where unemployment exists at an alarming rate (6%) coupled with high inflation (8%), people really are left with meagre choices to opt from for earning their lively-hood. A total of 55.7 million people of Pakistan constitute the labour force (those capable of and willing to get an employment) out of the total population of 180 million. The main sectors of the Pakistani economy providing job opportunities to these people constituting the labour force are the agricultural, industrial and the services sectors. The agricultural sector employs 44% of the total labour force, whereas the industrial and services sectors employ 20% and 36% of the employed labour force respectively. Do not confuse this with the contribution of different sectors in the GDP, which is a different thing. For example the contribution of these sectors in the GDP (of Pakistan) is 21%, 25% and 54% respectively. Therefore, the services sector is the largest contributor to the National Income or the GDP of Pakistan.

FPSC Consolidated Advertisement No. 2/2014 could not be published in the newspapers due to a ban by the APNS

The Federal Public Service Commission, Islamabad has announced / advertised different job vacancies in multiple government departments on 28th Feb, 2014 via the Consolidated Advertisement No. 2/2014. A press release issued by the FPSC on the same date declared that the advertisement could not be published in the newspapers due to a ban imposed by the All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) on advertisements of the Federal Government. However, for the convenience of the desiring applicants, the advertisement is available on the FPSC website. You can only apply online for any General Recruitment jobs advertised by the FPSC. The last date for applying online for the current advertisement (No. 2/2014) is 17th March, 2014.
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