ninthd Launches International Certifications in Pakistan in Urdu and English

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ninthd (9th D) is a Pakistan based initiative that has entered in the education sector of the country with an goal to train people in economically viable (EVS) skills, so the youth of the country can further excel in their fields. To meet this task, ninthd designed international certifications in association with the top universities of the UK and US like UKCET and iCarnegie Global Learnings. The highlight of these programs is that they will be offered in Urdu and English languages that will enable the youth to receive high quality education without breaking any geographic and language barriers. The certifications will also offer practical solutions of learning-by-doing tools and formats that will develop a work force, which will play a vital role in the growth of a business.        

ninthd has made this experience even more interesting for the trainees, as it  has offered the programs in blended model. This means that students will not only be limited to online lectures and course materials, but they also get the opportunity to interact with their peers and some international students during group works at satellite campuses, which ninthd will setup all over Pakistan.

The initiative has also ensured that it has a rigorous assessment process, which will evaluate and certify the learning outcome. This process will enable ninthd to develop the required work force which will meet the requirements of both local and international markets. Whereas, trainees will be able to develop economically viable skill (EVS) at most affordable price and in very short period because ninthd’s programs will last from 8 to 12 weeks and cost no more than 12,000 Rs. to 25,000 Rs. The best thing about this model is that students will be able to learn at their own pace, as they can view the lectures again and again until they feel they have achieved full command over them. 

More importantly, students can take lectures or access online course materials at anytime from anywhere through their smartphones, tablets, laptops and personal computers. With this technology, trainees will not have to make any changes in their busy schedule, unlike traditional classes. The best part is that once the training gets over, students will be the master of tools and formats that are commonly used in nearly all the major corporations of Pakistan.  

Initially the international certifications of ninthd will assist students to develop skills around entrepreneurship, information technology and business management. Nevertheless, in the future it is anticipated that ninthd may introduce some new programs that will cover other areas. At this point in time, the initiative is looking to deliver one million EVS trainings or workforce development programs in Pakistan by building over 6,000 small campuses and leveraging technology.

The confidence of the team behind the project can be judged from the fact that they have already engaged leading corporations of the country to endorse their programs.           
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