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You can read or download Virtual University of Pakistan's handouts from here;

Computer Science

CS201-Intro to Programming
CS403-Database Management Systems
CS610-Computer Networks
CS615-Software Project Management

Banking / Accounting / Finance

ACC311-Fundamentals of Auditing
ACC501-Business Finance
BNK601-Banking Laws & Practices
BNK604-Management of Financial Institutions
MGT411-Money and Banking


MGMT627-Project Management
MGT201-Financial Management
MGT402-Cost and Management Accounting
MGT411-Money and Banking
MGT510-Total Quality Management
MGT520-International Business
MGT610-Business Ethics
MGT611-Business and Labor Laws
MGT613-Production and Operations Management


MKT501-Marketing Management


PSY101-Introduction to Psychology

Mathematics & Statistics

STA301-Statistics and Probability
STA630-Research Methods

Other subjects handouts would be added soon.

Virtual University (VU) Recommended Books Available for Sale;

60% Discount

  • Economics (for ECO401 Course)
    7th Edition
    David Begg
    Stanley Fischer
    Rudiger Dornbusch
  • Computer Networks ()
    3rd Edition
    Andrew S. Tanenbaum
  • Business Accounting 1 (for MGT101 Course)
    9th Edition
    Frank Wood
    Alan Sangster
  • Principles of Marketing (for MGT301 Course)
    11th Edition
    Philip Kotler
    Gary Armstrong
  • Human Resource Management (for MGT501 Course)
    7th Edition
    David A. Decenzo
    Stephen P. Robbins
  • Strategic Management (for MGT603 Course)
    Concepts and Cases
    12th Edition
    Fred R. David
  • Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (for ACC501 Course)
    Eighth Edition
    by Stephen A Ross,
    Randolph W Westerfield
    Bradford D Jordan
Books for some other subject courses of BS Business Administration recommended by Virtual University of Pakistan are also available for sale on 60% discount.
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