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Pakistani Universities blog is an unofficial / private effort initiated with the aims of promoting awareness and access to resources of higher education in Pakistan and abroad. It is a platform that 100's of students visit daily and get at-least some type of guidance from, related to their higher studies and future career opportunities. In future, it is desired to become a single location for providing various services to potential and real students such as;
  • Providing a database of academic programs offered by Pakistani Universities
  • Providing a single platform for admission notices, result announcements and introductory information of all Pakistani Universities
  • Becoming a resource on student guidance relating to higher studies
  • Hiring of staff for carrying out all these functions
For these purposes, your donations are invited to enable the blog owner hire efficient staff and finance for the requisite planned services. At present, this blog is unable to manage these expenses and thus feeling short of its potential to serve the society in promoting the noble cause of education.

Your donations would therefore be welcomed, and used 100% in improving the services this blog offers to its audience. Donate us, and serve this pious objective.

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