Beware of Illegal / fake colleges and universities

Seeking admissions in an accredited educational institution is both the moral and legal responsibility of the students as well as their parents, because the time and resources they are going to invest should be socially acceptable and productive. Many students who knowingly or unknowingly have become a prey to the fake / illegal higher educational institutions, face embarrassment while translating their degrees into careers.

It's not a difficult task now-a-days as the Higher Education Commission has clearly mentioned on their website; the illegal / fake colleges and universities operating in Pakistan all over.

Please don't waste your time, money and resources to earn just an embarrassment not only for yourself and your family, but also for the country by jumping into taking admissions for greed such as lesser fees and / or hard-work.

Just go through this list published by the Higher Education Commission before taking an admission in any Pakistani University or College.
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